Chromebook FAQs

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if Chromebook will not turn on:
  • Check to make sure the chromebook has a charge. 
    • Plug the chromebook into a charger and verify an orange or green light near the charging port.
    • If no light comes on, place a work order.
  • Try closing and reopening the lid.
  • Hold the "Reload" and "Power" keys for 5-10 seconds. 
What to do if you can't sign into SME on a Chromebook.
  • Ensure "MPSSEC" is selected as the network
  • Underneath the X in the top right of the browser, check to see if there is a small red x
    • If so, click once and check that Cookies is enabled all the time. Should be the top option.
Adding Student to a Chromebook
  1. On the sign in screen, click "Add Person" (located in the bottom left corner)
  2. Enter the email as follows: firstname.studentIDnumber
  3. Password will be their birthday in 8 digit format.