Uploading Photos/Other Media

Once you are logged in, click on the "File Cabinet" button from the left menu.

It will expand into this menu:

Click the link that corresponds to the type of media you would like to add:
  • Photo Drawer: JPEGs, PNG
  • Document Drawer: In this area, you can upload PDF, Rich-Text, Microsoft Office, iWork, Smart, Promethean, Mimeo, eBook, XML, Active Inspire Flipcharts, and Logger Pro Data files.
  • Audio/Video Drawer: The allowed media upload file types include Windows Media Video, MPEG, Quicktime, MP3, MIDI, and Flash Video: mpg, mp3, mp4, m4v, mpeg, flv, wmv, mov, mid.

Managing Your Media
  • To view all the photos you have uploaded, add new photos, or remove them, click "Manage Photos"
  • Clicking the Green Pencil will allow you to change the folder name.
  • Clicking the Red X will delete the folder and all contained photos.

Uploading Media
  • Click Manage Photos
  • Click "Select Files" - This pops up a Windows Explorer box that allows you to navigate your computer for photo(s) to upload.

Folder Organization

You can also create new folders to organize your media.
  • Type a name in the box for your new folder
  • Click "Save"