Creating Pages

Start by clicking "Pages" on the left sidebar once you are logged in.
  1. Click on your name in the list of pages (left sidebar under Pages)
  2. Click "Add a Page to this Section"
  3. Click on a type of page you want to create

Example: Creating a Single Page
  1. Follow steps 1-3 above and choose Single Page
  2. Hit Next
  3. Input your page title
  4. Click on the name of the page you just created (blue link not pencil)
  5. This opens up the editor for the Single Page type.
  6. It functions much like a word document
  7. Once you have added your content, make sure to click "Update" at the bottom of the editor. This saves your page.

Keep in mind you already have a set of pages created automatically for you (Your Name, Photo Album, Profile, Daily Schedule, and Educational Websites)

Click Here for Video Tutorial