Linking a User and Downloading Books

  1. Log into the chrome book.
  2. Click on Clever. (Username is student #; password is roughers)
  3. Click on myOn.
  4. Click on the Blue box in the upper right hand corner. (This gives you a code.)
  5. Write down the code.
  6. Click the myOn app.
  7. Click “Link user”.
  8. Type in the school.
  9. Type in the username.
  10. Type in the code you wrote down from the Blue box as the password.
  11. Click LINK.
  12. Go back to the myOn on Clever or Google Chrome.
  13. Click dashboard.
  14. Go to Library.
  15. Go to recommended.
  16. Click on a book.
  17. Click on download.
  18. Repeat 12-17 until you have 8-12 books.

Once you have linked a user by following the steps above (1-11), you can simply click "Sign In" within the MyON app and skip to step 12 to download more books.