Technology Staff

 Staff Email Responsibilities  Extension
 Eric Wells  Chief Information Officer  1625
 Meagan Wiseman  Network Administration, Webmaster  1656
 Kathy Bates  Help Desk and Business Systems Support & Administration  4357
 Odell Alexander  1:1 Coordinator  1836
 Dominic Bloschichak  1:1 Help Desk @ MHS  1837
 Ethan Swords  1:1 Help Desk @ ARJH  2022
 Andrew Harris  Lead Field Technician - Tony Goetz & Irving  
 Reid Little  Field Technician - BFSA, ECC, Transportation  
 Zach Reece  Field Technician - Creek & RAA  
 Nick Schornick  Field Technician - Pershing, Cherokee, Alice Robertson  
 Pam Coleman Technician / Help Desk 
 Earl Cobb  MHS Computers Instructor and Student Tech Lead @ MHS  1725
 Mary Thompson       Elementary Technology Integration 
 Janet Oman Secondary Technology Integration 1786
 Rhonda Warlick PowerSchool/SIS Specialist 1659
 Darla Ford Student Information Clerk 1661