Common Desktop Computer Problems

Computer won't turn on

  1. Ensure the power strip is on.

  2. Check the two main power plugs; sometimes feet drag cords and unplug power cables. Power cables are thick and black and have a plug that looks like this:

  1. If these two possible solutions do not work, please place a work order.

Computer doesn't have internet

  1. Check the Ethernet Cable at the wall and the computer to ensure it is firmly plugged in. Ethernet cables are various colors, but are small in diameter and have clear plastic plugs like this:

No sound on headphones

  1. Check to ensure the headphones are plugged into the correct port: On the front of our computers there are two 3.5mm ports. One for microphone and one for headphones. Ensure the headphones are plugged into the green jack, if color coded. Or the headphone symbol if not color coded. The color will be the same on the back of the computer as well.

  2. Also check at the bottom of the computer for another port. If there is one there, you must use it to hear.