Google classroom - Students

Joining a class

  1. Student will click the waffle button

  2. Click Classroom

  3. Click the plus sign and click Join Class

  4. Enter the unique class code provided by the teacher

Completing Assignments

  • Click the “Stream” tab

  • Here you can see the questions, assignments, and announcements the teacher has posted.

Assignments are represented by the “Clipboard” icon

  1. Click “Open”

  2. Here the student can attach work by clicking “Add,” or click “Create” to add a new document. For example, if you click “Create” then “Docs” it will allow you to click and edit the new document that was just created.

  3. Once you are done, click “Turn In”

Questions are represented by the “Question Mark” icon

  1. Click where it says “Type your answer” then “Submit” when finished.

  2. The student can click “Add class comment” on the question.

Announcements do not have a special icon.

  1. The student can click “Add class comment” on the announcement.

Classmates Tab

  • A student can click the mail icon next to a name to send a message.

About Tab

  • A student can click this tab to view class information and materials added by the teacher.