Technology team


Our team works hard to Make 'I.T.' Happen for Muskogee Public Schools.

Eric Wells

Chief Operations Officer ext. 1625

Dr. Justin Walker

Instructional Technology Coordinator ext. 2163

Meagan Wiseman

Network Administrator ext. 1656

Reid Little

Asst. Network Administrator ext. 1640

Kathy Bates

Help Desk / Business Systems ext. 1620

Pam Coleman

Help Desk ext. 1622

Dominic Bloschichak

MHS Help Desk / 1:1 Technician ext. 1836

Ethan Swords

7/8th Grade Help Desk / 1:1 Technician ext. 2022

Andrew Harris

Lead Field Technician

Zach Reece

Field Technician

Nick Schornick

Field Technician

Adam Rigney

Low Voltage Technician

Earl Cobb

MHS Computers Instructor and Student Tech Lead @ MHS ext. 1750

Collin McCawley

Fab Lab Manager

Rhonda Warlick

PowerSchool/SIS Specialist

Darla Ford

Student Information Clerk

Jennifer Gary

Student Information Clerk