Connecting to a projector

1. Start off by ensuring your projector is turned on

The power button should be illuminated if it's on

2. Once the projector is on, your screen will look something like this after a few seconds

This screen will give you the information that you need to use to connect to your projector.

The information you will need is at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, looking like this

3. Next you'll be using the Dell S500wi software.

This will be located on your desktop, and the icon will look like this

Opening this software will start a search for your projector.

Find the projector IP address that matches the IP address of your projector (shown in previous slide)

4. You'll now be asked to put in your login code. This is the code that shows on the bottom left-hand of the screen.

Make sure to enter the code into the Login Code box

5. Now that you've accessed your projector, a new box will appear on your screen. The box will appear to have VCR type controls.

Hitting PLAY will send the video feed from your computer to the projector

Clicking on STOP will end your display feed on your projector.